About Us

We are an eclectic, exceedingly diverse, haimish (home-y) maker-minyan and community in Harlem. Welcome!

Kehillat Harlem was founded on a crowded sidewalk in Harlem in 2017. Determined to create a space in Harlem which embraced tradition while also aiming to be fully inclusive, our founders created a minyan (prayer community) which they could be proud to participate in.

Founded on the 18th day of the omer (the period between the holidays of Passover and Shavuot), the day is associated with Netzach She'b'tiferet (endurance/consistency in compassion). Feeling that this was core to the mission of our minyan, the name Kehillat Netzach She'b'tiferet was adopted.

We strive to make each person feel at home in our prayer space by upholding our commitment to halachah (Jewish law) while working hard to hold our commitments to maximum inclusivity. Our tefillot (prayer services) are liturgically traditional and there is a mehitza (separation between genders) while davening. Daveners (those who pray) sit in the section with which they identify, and we make space for anyone who identifies outside of the gender binary. Tefillot are male-led, and the Kabbalat Shabbat service (which introduces the onset of Shabbat) is open to be led by any community member.

In addition to tefillot, we have regular meals, learning opportunities, and gatherings for the community. We hope we will have the opportunity to share space with you soon.